Our Approach

The Sunjin Lee idea is simple: produce high-end designer wedding dresses at a fair price for brides-to-be. Here at Sunjin Lee we don't believe in releasing giant collections once or twice a year. In today's fast-paced world nobody has time to wait that long.  We can't wait to show you our pretty new dresses right away!  We introduce new dresses throughout the year so follow us and stay tuned for pretty new designs. 


Our Style

The Sunjin Lee look is young, happy, and fun just like your wedding day.  There is a brightness to our dresses and we have no doubt it will bring a smile to your face and all your guests.  The dresses are modern, sophisticated, and also simple.  We love details but we don't like over the top.


How We Do It

Since all Sunjin Lee dresses are expertly handcrafted in our factory in Portland, OR, we are able to focus on high quality design and production. By not focusing on once or twice a year industry launch dates, we are able to take our newest dress designs to market immediately. 


How We Got Here

The styles and process to buy a wedding dress has been unchanged for over 20 years. By the time a dress collection gets to the modern bride the styles and designs have been filtered by so many people already.  Sunjin Lee is here to fix that.  We want you (the brides) to be the judge.